Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Blog is Not Dead

...and we aren't either!

For those of you doubting that the Blackmers were doing anything with their lives, and wondering if they were even still alive, here is your post.
We've been busy!

Rachel's brother Nick left on a mission to Spain

Our trip to Eastern Canada (including Rachel's mission! and Green Gables!)

(see slideshow here)

Dave in the Book of Mormon pageant

And, Rachel has been working like crazy. Dave has also started working again (back at AAPC) and he is working on his portfolio to apply to grad schools to get an M.F.A. in Film Studies. Check out his first film here.


  1. I like your video Dave! Good luck on working on your portfolio....awesome work so far!

  2. Whew! We were kinda getting worried about you guys! We thought you dropped off the planet, or else turned to purse-snatching instead of blogging...Glad you're back! We love you!!