Monday, May 11, 2009

New Puppy!

Rare moment: Dave is writing this posting. So Rachel's wanted a dog for a long time. On our camping trip with Aaron and Katrina, Aaron and I saw an amazing dog. We were away from the ladies for a few minutes and we came across this really cool dog that looked incredibly calm, intelligent, friendly, and yet muscular and strong. We chatted with the owner for a few minutes and found out that it was a Shiba Inu, a Japanese breed. They don't bark much at all, they're very smart, they have great stamina and endurance but aren't high maintenance when it comes to exercising, and they're just all around wonderful. Great coloring too. So right then and there I told Aaron not to tell Rachel about this dog because that was the breed I was going to get for her!

We came home and I went to work. I researched a whole bunch about the breed, where I could get a puppy from, the consequences of having a puppy, etc. I went through the house and figured out how I could "puppy-proof" things, made lists of stuff we'd need to purchase, and asked tons of questions to a bunch of people that know more about dogs than I do! I even slyly figured out Rachel's preferences (on dog personalities, coloring, etc.). She knew a surprise was coming but made no connection between the surprise and the possibility of getting a dog.

Finally I made my decision. I was going to get a 3-month-old puppy named Mitzi from a breeder in Missouri. The breed is so rare in the States that I only found a handful of breeders from whom I felt comfortable buying a dog and who even had new puppy for sale! So I called the breeder a few times to make some arrangements and ask some questions. Last week I had finals. In between finals and studying, I managed to get everything else taken care of to prepare for the puppy's arrival and to make sure she arrived safe and sound! Keep in mind, I couldn't prepare the apartment at all because it was a surprise for Rachel. I was just buying the different things needed.

On Thursday morning (May 7) I took my last final, rushed to the hardware store to pick up some chicken wire, rigged up a puppy-proof system for the t.v. area (too many cords), then dashed off to the airport to pick up Mitzi. She arrived just fine and I'm sure she was content to be off the plane but she was still very scared and shy. I made the rest of the purchases and preparations throughout the day. When Rachel came home from work, I told her to stop at the top of the stairs.

I had her close her eyes and I walked her inside our apartment to a designated spot (there was a video camera set up). Her parents and her brother Nick were there, but since she had her eyes closed she had no idea. I picked up the pup and when I was right in front of Rachel, I had her hold out her hands. Imagine her sheer surprise and bliss when she found herself holding a new puppy! She was speechless; she just kept laughing!

Anyway, we've named the puppy Kira because neither of us liked the name "Mitzi." Kira's doing very well. She's very intelligent and very loving. She's still getting used to other people but she's pretty good at socializing. She's also been very great with both of our families, including small nieces and nephews. We love our new family member!


  1. Cute puppy! We still have to get together sometime this century! Hope you guys are doing well! You will definitely have your hands full with your new bundle of joy...believe me I have been there! But it is sooo worth it!

  2. Cute Puppy!!! We still need to get together sometime this century! I hope you have an easier time with Kira, than I did with Brody. I about put his butt on e-bay after I had him less than two weeks! Now over 3 years later we are the best of friends!

  3. These videos made my day! I want to see her again. L, Mom

  4. Ahhhhhhhh! Great surprise Dave and you're so lucky Rachel!